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February 5, 2020

  One this Superbowl Sunday, as I work a side hustle, check out these important Total-Razzaq updates. Updates ranging from new complementary employment, partnerships, wider services offered and community events. Consistently grander and more focused services...

January 6, 2020

The National Alliance of Mental Illness, also known as NAMI has published Total-Razzaq's back story. This is Amazing news to start the new year. Of course, I want to share it with you all.... Before you get into the quick read, please grab your FREE Eventbrite ticket f...

January 1, 2020

Let's start the movement, by getting in some community fun with a mix of easy access to certified professionals. Total-Razzaq is now bringing the live events and behavioral health resources to you. Grab your FREE eventbrite tickets NOW. Click this below eventbrite link...

December 23, 2019


  This SCP blog by Karen Slade, Psy.D. correspondents with a new article in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology titled, “Outcomes of Psychological Therapies for Prisoners with Mental Health Problems:...

August 26, 2019

Hello Behavioral Health Community, 

  It has been long enough, since I last focused my attention to stay still, research, write, type and graphic design promo material for this a new article. You will learn to be a better you and a community member, while understanding...

July 1, 2019

Happy Monday World,

Total-Razzaq.com/Shop and our Instagram page (@totalrazzaq) is now using the powerful and easy to Ecwid app.

 Now you can purchase your behavioral health clothing faster from our social media page, email messages and from our website.

Shop the Gobsmack...

May 3, 2019

  It's not uncommon for emotional trauma to happen along our journey. It can be over came and make you stronger; that is a stronger mother, father, husband, wife, business partner and etc. However, it can be mentally debilitating, if there are no support systems and yo...

April 19, 2019

  I've heard countless times, "All I need is $xxx,xxx,... and I'm straight" or "Money is good for my mental". Along this Total-Razzaq entrepreneurship journey, I've learned from a medical industry lens how exercise benefits mental health. But which is better for your m...

March 25, 2019

 Trauma is a frequently used word. Lets expand upon it and provide healthy ways to cope

As defined by, Esther Giller: "Psychological trauma is the unique individual experience of an event or enduring conditions, in which:

* The individual’s ability to integrate his/her...

March 14, 2019

First and foremost, **TOTAL RAZZAQ DOES NOT PROMOTE WEED/CANNABIS IN ANY  USAGE, EXCEPT CBD OIL** Smoking anything is not healthy. THC (the part of weed that gets you high) is not healthy for most mental health conditions, because psychoactive effects. For sure, there...