Company Information

Total-Razzaq llc is licensed in the District of Columbia to do business. We are grateful for having our past business license through Dream Factory Coop llc.


Aside from our services, we sell educational t-shirts. Although final product manufacturing and much community work is created in Ward 8, our partnerships allow for Total-Razzaq to be of service in DC, MD, VA. For your hands on support, we specialize in:


  1. Behavioral Health SUPPORT: preventative, treatment referral and recovery - all populations

  2. Event Hosting



  1. Shirts

  2. Accessories

We provide resources to better the community's behavioral health. Razzaq's lived experience cultivated the passion and the passion created Total-Razzaq. As of March 15th 2020, Total-Razzaq's peer recovery support can contracted by local core serviec agencies in need of Peer Recovery support staff for clinical workers (eg: ACT Team, SUD, MHRS). Total- Razzaq's team can be contracted by end consumers for continued support from your clinical diagnosis. We offer our services via digital conferencing and *in person*. 

We are currently growing more and more, as being a trusted source for solutions. We sell behavioral health shirts, treatment referrals (substance use & mental health), preventative addiction and recovery addiction coaching (1-on-1, family and groups). To meet all behavioral health needs, we have peer recovery staff, partner therapists and core service agency partners. We host events for catered populations. Total-Razzaq provides these products and services all in the name of bettering the community's behavioral health.