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GobSmacked Logo White

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Read how CDB positively effects your behavioral health now.

MEANING: gob·smacked/ˈɡäbˌsmakt/

djective INFORMAL•BRITISH utterly astonished; astounded.

The meaning was my reaction, when I learned how CBD derived from cannabis and cannaboids positively effect a person's mental wellness... WOW!. The natural substance does not have side affects like prescription pills and the psychoactive compenents that make you high. 

Total-Razzaq is not licensed to provide medical advice. Please, defer to your doctors opinion for your metal wellness concerns. 

Total Razzaq is passionate about behavioral health. Our business is to inform how you can better yourself. Total-Razzaq's Gobsmacked collection inform and advocate behvaioral (addictions and mental) health benefits from CBD use. READ Article snippet below or full article in article section. 

  • ***"How does CBD help your mental health?***

Mental Health being defined as a person’s psychological and emotional well-being can be helped by cannabidiol (CBD). The natural substance does wonders physically and mentally. For all intent and purpose, CBD has sever mental health benefits...."