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Brief Survey - Mental Wellness Should Be A Passion For Everyone!


Total-Razzaq will soon be launching our clothing collections centered around behavioral wellness. Please, take part in this 2-3 minute research survey. Your feedback can change a person's life, suffering from the same thing holding you down. THANKS!

I have suffered from depression, anxiety, PTSD and other conditions. A poor mental wellness has been an issue in my parents life and those in my neighborhood, as well. I can empathize with those who struggle. Because poor mental health has been influential in my life, I am passionate about it.

This lead to the creation of Total-Razzaq's core belief. We aim to change the thinking of behavioral health and educate sufferers healthy self care methods. Behavioral Health is the passion. Everyone experience mental health or substance abuse during their life. We educate three "self care" methods. 1. Exercising & Eating Healthy, 2. Smiling / Conversation and 3. CBD. "We believe being EDUCATED and DOING these things will positively effect your behavioral health"


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Behavioral Health


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Behavioral Health


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