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Exercise or Money: which is better for your mental health?

I've heard countless times, "All I need is $xxx,xxx,... and I'm straight" or "Money is good for my mental". Along this Total-Razzaq entrepreneurship journey, I've learned from a medical industry lens how exercise benefits mental health. But which is better for your mental health - Money or Exercise ?

This article researches the individual connection between exercise and money to a person's mental wellness, then concludes with my opinion. This 4 minute read provides insight as to how you can naturally better your mental health, answers the topic and advocates our behavioral health themed clothing.


An August 2018 Article by The Lancet, an institution studying psychiatry provides research and interpretation between physical exercise and mental association.

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Physical exercise and mental health

Adam Chekroud and Lancet Psychiatry editor Niall Boyce discuss the association between physical exercise and mental health.

Well all know exercise has cardio vascular, muscular and mental health benefits. The article and audio discuss how exercise effects mental health, using a sample size of 1.2 million people. Data from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) is the primary source.

The research goal was to understand how can one optimize mental health benefits from exercising. The researchers aims to reduce medical need, by using exercising as a remedy to most entry level solutions, such as psychological evaluations.

Behavioral health risk factors are aggregated in part of the data. The data is self reported data - there are some positives and negatives to self reporting data. The self report survey asks and aggregate answers for several interesting questions. The question that stuck out, in particular:

how does team sports better your mental health?

  • Team sports is speculated to be an additional mental wellness benefit by the means of socializing. The cross sectional study shows that people who exercise with socializing exhibit the lowest level of mental health need - anxiety, depression and etc.

From a scientific and an uninformed lens, the study is great. From a medical and product perspective, there are plenty data proving the relationship. If there are continuous and mobile digital tech for studying the exercise and mental health relationship should be the future for true objective findings i.e. fit-bit or apple watch. The survey overwhelmingly reports that people with who actively exercise tend to be happier.


Money can be positive and negative on your mental health. The pursuit of money is added stress. "Money worries can put a strain on relationships for lots of different reasons.", quoted from I believe we all can relate to that negative money effect thinking. But what are positive relationships between money and your mental health. I referenced a short blog, by University of California Berkeley. Blow are 6 ways money can make you happier.

  • Buy more experiences and fewer material goods. That is, spend on leisure activities—vacations, adult-education classes, concert tickets—instead of on more stuff. Experiences stay with you, but we adapt to possessions quickly so their pleasure wears off.

  • Spend money on others. Giving money or gifts strengthens social bonds, which amplify happiness, and activates brain areas associated with receiving rewards.

  • Buy many small pleasures rather than one large one, especially if money is limited. The buzz from even a big purchase wears off relatively quickly.

  • Delay consumption, prolong anticipation. Looking forward to an event is a great source of pleasure, even if the event ends up being a letdown.

  • Consider how purchases will affect your day-to-day life. Happiness is often shaped by the “uplifts” of daily life, and unhappiness by the hassles, more than by major life events.

  • Pay close attention to the happiness of others. Research suggests that the best way to predict how much you’ll derive pleasure from something is to see how much others have enjoyed it.

My take away from the blog is having money makes you more happier than not having it. I partially agree. It really depends on your outlook. I definitely would be on cloud 9, if some legitimate money came my way. Growing up with the pursuit of money, its a double edged sword heavier on the stress side. Money open doors, affords extravagant experiences, pays for health, pays for security and can better your loved ones lives.


EXERCISE is better for your mental health... duh.

"Researchers at Yale and Oxford may say exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.", siad by, Ruqayyah Moynihan, Business Insider Deutschland Apr. 3, 2019.

  • "Researchers at Yale and Oxford say exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.

  • The scientists found that while people who exercise regularly tend to feel bad for 35 days a year, nonactive participants felt bad for 18 days more.

  • The team also found that certain sports that involve socializing can have more of a positive effect on your mental health than others."

I agree, with the findings. People who stay active tend to be happier. However, I do acknowledge the benefits of both and the interconnected relationship on your mental health. When I used my gym membership regularly or when I was on my prison workouts, I definitely felt a better confidence and was less stressed. Considering my set believe, medical facts and many opinions I would choose exercising as a better method for a healthy mental wellness.

Total-Razzaq's clothing collections utilize this knowledge. We aim to better your behavioral health through education, self care activities and engagement. Each collection's shirt starts a conversation with educational facts, natural self care remedies and by the way, makes you look good. Our shirt product incorporates QR code technology that allows the shirt to be scanned. The scanner will be navigated this and other articles. We want to provide convenient education, while on the go. Imagine your shirt being a conversation starter and getting it scanned for perception changing proof. That is amazing! That is Total-Razzaq's primary method to end the stigma and better a person's behavioral health.


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