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One this Superbowl Sunday, as I work a side hustle, check out these important Total-Razzaq updates. Updates ranging from new complementary employment, partnerships, wider services offered and community events. Consistently grander and more focused services is scaling Total-Razzaq's community impact.

Thank You For Your Service is the name of my next event (click the link for your FREE ticket). Leave your calendar open for February 22, 12-3pm at Anacostia Arts Center be there! 2-22 is a good date to provide (= razzaq) behavioral health resources to our community. The venue address is not room 2-22 ( Rick Ross reference ). Its 1231 Good Hope rd, Washington 20020. This FREE Community event will provide direct access to behavioral health services, versus just advocating.

I now work for Hillcrest Children and Family Center. Currently, working with youth truancy for District of Columbia charter schools and working substance/recovery for all populations. Hillcrest has been a pillar as a core service agency, for more than two hundred years. This employment compliments Total-Razzaq's mission to better the community's behavioral health in many ways. The compliment that stands out the most is the fact I work daily with clinicians, doctors, therapists and peer recovery support. I am always learning and consistent supply of resources.

Because of continually putting in work to accomplish our mission, our services has expanded. We almost two years ago, Total-Razzaq used t-shirst and QR codes to inform community members about local resources, how to recognize conditions and things to do to better your behavioral health. Well, now a days, we still sales shirts as products, but also, I am certified for prevention and recovery services. Moreover, we will be a referral service to clinicians, doctors and therapists.

The last update I would like to share, per my work with Hillcrest is our DECOR outreach in the District of Columbia. Check out the below video to learn more.


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