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Prevention Is The Intention (ages 12-25) - SIGN UP NOW!

The world is in the midst of coping with COVID-19... These are unprecedented times indeed. Total-Razzaq is hoping everyone care for each other and best follow health guidelines. Hillcrest Children and Family Center and partners have continued their front line fight to provide community based behavioral health resources. A programmatic example that Hillcrest is being innovative (engaging using ZOOM conferencing) and providing resources is their DECOR opportunity.

What is DCOR? District of Columbia Opioid Response, funded by District government's Live Long DC initiative, aims to prevent youth (ages 12-25) across the city from opioid and other substance use. Hillcrest Children Family Center focuses on Ward 8 youth. Click here or the above picture to fill out the DCOR online signup form. With prevention being the intention, here are a few program expectations:

1. Resist Opioid and other substance use

2. Learn to communicate in a variety of settings

3. Have better relationships

4. Bounce back from stressful conditions

5. Learn to set and reach goals

6. Make better choices

7. Manage time and money

8. Develop drug refusal skills


Hillcrest has partnered with Total-Razzaq and Regional Sports dmv to help make it happened. is very instrumental with local youth sports; this plays a huge recruitment role. Even with that being said, we still want your recruitment help! SPREAD THE WORD.


- If you want to advocate for the program goals, it can be a

PAID gig. Sign up and ask us more.

- Get a jump start on everyone else, while they are social distancing and get active.

- Get plugged in with other influencers in the city. Who you know is worth more than $$

In summary, DCOR Ward 8 is being locked down by Hillcrest Children and Family Center. It will help prevent opioid and other substance use among 12-25 year olds and can offer a paid opportunity while learning. Despite the corona pandemic, Hillcrest and partners RSN Sports DMV and Total-Razzaq are still programmatically engaging via Zoom conference. SO, why are you waiting to sign up or get the word out. We need you to make preventative and positive change today.

Total-Razzaq behavioral health services and clothing collections believes in the DCOR mission. Similar to it, we aim to better your behavioral health through literature and hands on services e.g. therapist, addiction recovery coaching and referral services to local core service agencies.

Our clothing collection's added value to mental health and substance use illness is the QR code convenience.

CLICK HERE TO SHOP OUR SHIRTS. Where ever you are, scan it and be directed to our literature, to be informed about all things behavioral health. And by the way, our shirts are stylish. Imagine your shirt being a conversation starter and getting it scanned for perception changing proof. That is amazing! These are Total-Razzaq's primary methods to end the stigma and better a person's behavioral health. Shop now Total-Razzaq's product and service, to make a change.


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